NMEA Reader and EBL Reader

View NMEA 2000® information directly from the NMEA 2000 network


NMEA Reader & EBL Reader



NMEA Reader Features

Receives and displays NMEA 2000 messages.

Receives and displays NMEA 0183 sentences.

Provides detailed information on the currently selected messages.

View mulitple connections simultaneously.

Record log files of received data as EBL files for viewing with EBL Reader at a later date.

Access configuration options for both the NGT-1 and NGW-1 devices.

 EBL Reader Features

Displays log files saved by NMEA Reader of time stamped NMEA 0183 sentences or NMEA 2000 messages.

Provides detailed information on currently selected messages.

Displays text files of NMEA 0183 sentences.

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