Micro Bulk Cable Reel

UL certified, high quality cable available in 100 metre reels to create or extend an NMEA 2000® backbone...








Braid Material 37 AWG tinned copper
Braid Coverage 65% minimum
Jacket Material 0.8mm Nom. PVC, black
Jacket Outer Diameter 6.85mm ± 0.254mm
Voltage Rating 300V

Overall DCR (braid + tape + drain)

3.2 Ω/1000ft
Reel Length 100m
Reel Weight (Gross) 7.26kg
Power Pair  
Conductor 22 AWG (19 strand tinned copper)
Insulation 0.3mm Nom. PVC
Diameter 1.43mm ± 0.05mm
Colours Red & Black
Shield AL Mylar tape over pair
DC Resistance 17.5 Ω/1000ft
Max Current  4 A
Data Pair  
Conductor 24 AWG (19 strand tinned copper)
Insulation 0.65mm Nom. Foam PE
Diameter 2.0mm ± 0.05mm
Colours Blue & White
Shield AL Mylar tape over pair


120 Ω ± 10%
DC Resistance 28 Ω/1000ft
Attenuation @ 125kHz 0.29dB / 100ft
Attenuation @ 500kHz 0.50dB / 100ft
Attenuation @ 1 MHz 0.70dB / 100ft
Conductor 22 AWG (19 stranded tinned copper)
DC Resistance 17.5 Ω/ 1000ft
Approvals and Certifications  
Operating Temperature - 25°C to + 75°C
Storage Temperature - 40°C to + 85°C
NMEA 2000 Certified  
RoHS Compliant  

UL Certified (E137250, UL1277)



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