Engine Monitoring Unit

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Parameter Description

Power Supply

Supply Voltage 9 to 35V DC
Supply Current Typically <25mA @ 12V DC
Supply Protection Continuous reverse polarity protection and load dump protection (meets SAE J1113)
Supply Connector Pluggable 2-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Supply Voltage (NMEA 2000 port) 9 to 29V DC
Supply Current (NMEA 2000 port) <20mA @ 12V DC from NMEA 2000 bus
Load Equivalence Number (NMEA 2000 port) 1 LEN
Supply Protection (NMEA 2000 port) Continuous reverse polarity protection and overvoltage protection to 40V
NMEA 2000 Port - in/out  
Compatibility Fully NMEA 2000 compatible
Galvanic Isolation 2500V input to ground
Speed/Baud Rate 250kbps
NMEA 2000 Connector M12 male (A coded) connector
Gauge Inputs  
Voltage Range 0 to 35V DC
Input Impedance >50kΩ
Sender Feed 0, 4 or 18mA
Accuracy <=2%
Input Connector Pluggable 6-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Input Protection Overvoltage protection to ±40V
Alarm Inputs  
Voltage Range 0 to 37V DC
Input Impedance >50kΩ
Threshold Voltage Configurable. default is 5V
Alarm Polarity configurable, default is alarm on low input
Accuracy <=2%
Input Connector Pluggable 4-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Input Protection Overvoltage protection to =/-40V
Tacho Inputs  
Voltage Range ±3 to ±60V
Input Impedance >100KOhms to ground
Input Pulse Range  4 to 50,000Hz
Accuracy <=1%
Sender Compatibilty Ignition coil, alternator W connection, Hall effect, VR or inductive sender
Threshold Automatically adjusts to signal level
Input Connector Pluggable 4-way screw terminal, 3.5mm pitch
Input Protection Can withstand ignition pulse to ±500V
Engine Log  
Engine Hours 2 separate engine hour logs internally connected to the tacho inputs. Hours are logged when RPM is present, stored in non-volatile memory.
Housing Material Polycarbonate
Protective Lid Material Polycarbonate
Sealing Materials Expanded silicone foam gasket, closed cell polyurethane splash guard and ePTFE water proof vent
Dimensions 127mm (L) x 112mm (W) x 48mm (H)
Weight 250g
Mounting 4 x 3.5mm lugs to allow panel mount with self tapping s/s screws (included), optional DIN rail mount available on request.
Approvals and Certifications  
NMEA 2000® NMEA 2000® Certified
EMC IEC 60945 (sections 9 & 10)
Environmental Protection IP66
Operating Temperature -20°C to + 55°C
Storage Temperature -30°C to + 70°C
Relative Humidity 0 to 93% RH
Guarantee 3 years

All specifications are taken with reference to an ambient temperature (TA) of +25°C

PGN Description Rx Tx Tx Rate
59392 ISO Acknowledgement Yes Yes  
59904 ISO Request Yes No  
60160 ISO Transport Protocol, Data Transfer Yes Yes  
60416 ISO Transport Protocol, Connection Management Yes Yes  
60928 ISO Address Claim Yes Yes  
65240 ISO Commanded Address Yes No  
126208 NMEA Request/Command/Acknowledgement Yes Yes  
126464 Tx & Rx PGN Lists No Yes  
126720 Manufacturer Proprietary Fast-Packet Yes Yes  
126996 Product Information No Yes  
126998 Configuration Information No Yes  
127488 Engine Parameters, Rapid Update No Yes 0.1 seconds / 10 Hertz
127489 Engine Parameters, Dynamic No Yes 0.5 seconds / 2 Hertz
127493 Transmission Parameters, Dynamic * No Yes 0.5 seconds / 2 Hertz
127505 Fluid Level * No Yes 2.5 seconds / 0.4 Hertz
127508 Battery Status No Yes 1.5 seconds / 0.67 Hertz

* Not enabled by default / Enabled by EMU Config Tool

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