NMEA Buffer

The power to drive up to six NMEA devices, with the safety of total input and output isolation...


The NBF-2 has now been replaced with our new 

NBF-3 buffer.






The Actisense NBF-2 galvanically opto-isolates and buffers NMEA 0183 data to drive multiple NMEA devices, such as chart plotters and radars. It is ideal for safely interfacing an on-board PC to NMEA 0183 equipment on a vessel.

Designed for use with all NMEA 0183 input and output types (RS422, RS485 and RS232), the NBF-2 produces an amplified copy on each of its isolated outputs.

Galvanic isolation on the OPTO input and the ISO-Drive outputs ensures protection for both the source talker device and all listening devices, exceeding the NMEA 0183 specifications.

The NBF-2-GX version has seven glands which offer's the option to easily seal more connections.

The NBF-2 and NBF-2-GX are invaluable in creating a safe and flexible NMEA data network.

Benefits of the NBF-2:

  • AIS compatible
  • Protects connected devices
  • Simple installation
  • Seal more connections with the NBF-2-GX
  • Can be used to isolated between two systems     

Note: The NBF-2 and NBF-2-GX are being phased out of production and are likely to be unavailable from mid-2014. 

The NBF-3 is the latest and enhanced version of the Actisense NMEA Buffer.   



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