USB to RS485 Gateway

The USG-1-485 is no longer in production.




An Opto-isolated  ISO-Drive Transceiver

A full galvanic opto-isolated RS485 differential transceiver that fully complies with the RS485 specification. This allows the transceiver to work correctly with long cable runs, and/or in
a noisy environment.This also allows the USG-1-485 to offer total galvanic isolation of up to 1500v between its output and (USB) ground.

USB drivers Create Virtual Comm Port
PC connection to the RS485 system appears as a standard PC serial port - allowing simple and easy access the RS485 network data.

IP54 Case and Grommet Design
A very robust polycarbonate case with a good splash & dust proof certification that does not look out of place in view. The small case size is also ideal for space restrictive applications.



Extended Warranty
Due to the significant protection improvements offered by the ISO-Drive outputs, all Actisense ISO-Drive products come with a extended length warranty of 3-years as standard.

Ground Loop Solution
The opto-isolated ISO-Drive transceiver circuit completely removes any problematic ground loops between the RS485 device and the PC.

High Quality Screw Terminals
Supplied with fitted quick connect cables, but also allows for the user to select and attach alternative cables simply and quickly with the 'moving cage' type terminals.

Powered from USB Port for Simplicity 

Takes the minimum amount of USB power to help safe-guard the PC (and it's battery).  

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