Wir haben eine Auswahl von Fallstudien zusammengestellt, die die praktische Anwendung unserer Produkte und Lösungen in der Praxis zeigen.

Morvargh Sailing Project choose Actisense products for vessel used in STEM education

We are pleased to have supported Morvargh Sailing Project with NMEA devices for their vessel used for STEM education.... Weiterlesen

Actisense collaborate with Raymarine on NMEA support for Pathfinder system

We are delighted to have supported Raymarine by providing our PRO-MUX-2 as the data collection unit for their new Pathfinder system.... Weiterlesen

University of Florida – Solar Gators choose Actisense cables for durability

Solar Gators, a fully student-run engineering design team at the University of Florida, have chosen the Actisense bulk NMEA 2000 Devicenet cable to ensure the data integrity of their solar racing vehicles.... Weiterlesen

Vanemar bring NMEA 2000 connectivity to their impressive boat monitoring system

Vanemar, a rapidly advancing name in the boat monitoring sector, has partnered with Actisense to bring wireless connectivity to its impressive boat monitoring system.... Weiterlesen

Mantsbrite choose Actisense diagnostics tool to solve NMEA network challenges

Marine electronics and navigation specialists, Mantsbrite, used the Actisense W2K-1 to quickly and easily diagnose issues on an NMEA 2000 network. Learn how they did it... Weiterlesen

Rockit from Ashtree Marine use Actisense W2K-1 to collect NMEA data

Rockit from Ashtree Marine have been able to collect NMEA data with fewer wires using the Actisense W2K-1 NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway. Learn more... Weiterlesen

Buffalo Computer Graphics bring NMEA 2000 simulator to market with Actisense NGT-1

BCG’s simulation software will deliver N2K PGNs over an Actisense NGT-1-USB gateway converter that correlate with a vessel’s sensor activity in a simulation scenario being run by MaST.... Weiterlesen

Less shock, more awe!

When Dyena Systems created their impressive Vessel Impact and Motion Monitoring System (VIMMS), they knew that reliability and robustness were critical, so chose Actisense... Learn more... Weiterlesen

Yacht Sentinel chooses Actisense as NMEA data connectivity partner

Yacht Sentinel, an industry leader in connected boat technology, wanted to launch their revolutionary Sentinel Domotics big data solution... Learn more...... Weiterlesen

Unichip Marine selects Actisense as NMEA 2000 data partner

Unichip Marine are using their decades of experience in endurance motorsport engine tuning to help leisure boaters enjoy a safer, higher performance boating experience. In creating their Unichip Marine System, ... Weiterlesen

Enabling Better Farm Equipment Comms with Climate Corp

To gather valuable farming data, the Climate FieldView™ Drive needed two-way communications with GPS devices using NMEA0183 data. The Actisense NGW-1 Gateway had the elegant solution...... Weiterlesen

Actisense brings connectivity to Siren Marine

Siren Marine were looking to advance their popular Connected Boat® Platform by adding NMEA 2000 integration and customized app functionalities. Our NGT-1 offered the perfect interface...... Weiterlesen

Active Research Expands from Water to Wheels

The New South Wales State Transit Authority (STA) wanted a solution that would enable them to constantly know the location of their vehicles at any time. With the Actisense NBF-2 NMEA buffer already a first cho... Weiterlesen

Actisense Collaborate with Raymarine

Managing Director of Actisense, Phil Whitehurst, commented “We are delighted to partner with Raymarine®, a global leader in marine electronics. Our combined vision for the SeaTalk NG Gateway (NGW-1-STNG) is... Weiterlesen

Drumgrange Limited Supplies Royal Navy with Actisense NBF-2-XIU

Actisense has been selected by Drumgrange Ltd to provide a solution for buffering an ARPA RADAR NMEA 0183 output used to provide data to a number of subsystems on board a range of Royal Navy ships.... Weiterlesen

Actisense and US Developer Nobeltec Collaborate

Actisense are pleased to announce their collaboration with Nobeltec... Weiterlesen

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