How Airmech boosted sales of Actisense in 2020

Despite the unprecedented challenges presented by the pandemic, sales of Actisense products in Poland have risen by 238% over last year. It is the tactics adopted by our distributor, Airmech, which has allowed this to happen. 

Airmech made a notable change to its marketing tactics over the last year – an effort that has certainly paid off. Pawel PojawaSales Manager at Airmech, made a conscious decision to shift their business focus onto shipyards specifically. He managed to find the technical contact in shipyards across the country and explained to these individuals the benefits of using highquality products like Actisense. 

Not only has Airmech amended their offline approach, but their online strategy was bolstered too. Early this year, Airmech updated their website to contain more information on Actisense products with links to our product catalogue and the inclusion of our marketing literature such as the FAB (Feature, Advantages, and Benefits) documents. 

In terms of social media, Pawel has been very proactive in sharing Actisense social media posts to the Airmech Facebook channel. He has even created his own Actisense Poland Facebook page, sharing images and information about Actisense installations. Airmech has also created their own videos to promote the products. 

Airmech’s strategy serves as great inspiration in terms of what is possible to further boost your sales of Actisense products. We want to work together with each of our distributors to ensure this type of success for everyone. Actisense is always here to help. If there is any piece of content you think might be useful please get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to help.   

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