SDK Software Development Kit

Write your own software for use with Actisense devices using this freely available SDK.

The ActisenseComms SDK has been developed to help simplify the interfacing of compatible Actisense products into a developer’s software environment.

Please contact Actisense Tech support for access.

The SDK package contains all the documentation, C/C++ source code and example (Visual Studio) projects necessary to understand and integrate the ActisenseComms DLL. It should allow a software developer to create a communications interface to any compatible Actisense product in a short period of time.

Actisense products compatible with the ActisenseComms SDK are:

  • NGT-1 NMEA 2000 to PC Interface
  • NGW-1 NMEA 2000 Gateway

The software forms the first level of support in using the ActisenseComms DLL to communicate with the NGT-1 and the NGW-1. Two useful software programs are also included, ‘Demo Project’ and ‘Test Project’.

The ActisenseComms ‘Demo Project’ is included in Windows executable C++ source-code and Visual Studio Project form. It is a fully working example of how to use all of the possible API commands to talk to and configure the NGT-1, including how to send and receive NMEA 2000 messages. A simple dialogue program, it has been written specifically to help new developers integrate the ActisenseComms API into their software applications quickly and efficiently. This is the first point of call for all developers, to get started with their project.

To further support the integration we also have:
ActisenseComms VB.Net Wrapper is a starting point for understanding how to ‘wrap up’ the ActisenseComms DLL in VB.Net friendly code. It allows the C-code interface of the ActisenseComms API to be used easily inside a VB.Net environment. This wrapper example has been kindly supplied by one of our first developers as a guide for other developers. It does not include an example ‘Test’ project and will require an additional user code to be added to complete the project.

ActisenseComms CS ‘C# Wrapper’ Test Project is a complete C# working project that ‘wraps up’ the ActisenseComms DLL in C# friendly code. It allows the C-code interface of the ActisenseComms API to be used easily inside a .Net C# environment. All documentation, C# source code and an example of the ‘Test’ project which is necessary to understand, prove and use the ActisenseComms C# Wrapper with the DLL is included.

The ActisenseComms SDK and Wrappers are available to download without charge, please contact the Actisense Support Team to discuss your project requirements and obtain the passwords necessary to access the files.

For non-Windows based platforms (Mac, Linux and embedded/PLC), developers should contact the Actisense Support Team to discuss access to the ActisenseComms Component Library.

Please see the ‘FAQ’ page for more information about using the ActisenseComms SDK and Wrappers.

Actisense is dedicated to providing up-to-date software and resources for our products. Download your software and read the associated download information below:

Please email us below to receive all the information you need to get started with the Actisense SDK, including download passwords.

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Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the SDK.

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