Our popular Engine Monitoring Unit can capture valuable data from your engine and share this on your NMEA 2000 network. Because of the many nuances of engine data available, we get various queries into our tech support team.

EMU-1 installation. Image courtesy of Scott Melrose @ Melrose Marine, Australia

To help identify some of the main initial enquiries we receive (notably, in cases where users are experiencing difficulty with initial setup), we have put this little flow diagram together, to help you check your EMU-1. Of course, if your question isn’t covered below, please do get in touch with our support team who will be pleased to help.

EMU-1 flow diagram

The main questions are usually:

1. Is the EMU-1 powered?

2. What version of firmware is the EMU-1 running?

3. How is it wired (Have you followed the instructions in the manual? / Do you have a wiring diagram?)

4. How have you configured the EMU-1 (You can save a copy of the config file to send to tech to take a look at)

5. How long are the cables run? (Cables that are too long can cause issues with the signal and can affect how the EMU-1 reads the signal)

6. What Senders are you using? (See EMU-1 Compatibility guide)

Still have questions? Contact our support team