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RINA Type Approval – What is it?

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“Type approval is a procedure for the approval of the product design, including drawing appraisal and prototype test performance, for compliance with classification or Flag Administration requirements. It basically implies that the design of the product is assessed once and the approval is made valid for all subsequent products of identical design.
In principle, type approval is applicable to all products, but it is particularly suitable for products of standard design and/or routinely manufactured such as diesel engines, reduction gears, flexible hoses, electric cables, transformers, safety valves for cargo tanks.

Type approval is compulsory for certain products and scopes:

  • Classification purposes (e.g. diesel engines, electric cables and electric motors)
  • Flag Administration requirements (e.g. marine products)
  • European Directive (e.g. MED, Pleasure Craft Directive).

Type approval can also be requested on a voluntary basis by the manufacturer.

The list of type approval certificates for marine equipment can be found at the following link: RINA Type Approval.”


The Actisense product range currently has two type-approved products:

PRO-NBF-1 Type Approved NMEA Buffer

PRO-BUF-2 Intelligent Type Approved NMEA Buffer