Thank you for choosing Actisense for your NMEA networking needs

To help you integrate our products into your network, we have made our CAD files available to you. Simply find your product below under the appropriate range and click the link to download your product CAD file.

NMEA 0183 Products

NMEA 0183 Product CAD Files Download

  • DST-2
  • NBF-3
  • NDC-4
  • NDC-5
  • NGW-1-ISO
  • NGW-1-USB
  • NGX
  • OPTO-4
  • USG-2

PRO Range Product CAD Files Download

  • PRO-BUF-1 (Type R)
  • PRO-BUF-1 (Type S)
  • PRO-MUX-1 (Type R)
  • PRO-MUX-1 (Type S)
  • PRO-MUX-2
  • PRO-NBF-1
  • PRO-NDC-1E

NMEA 2000 Products

NMEA 2000 Product CAD Files Download

  • EMU-1
  • NGT-1-ISO
  • NGT-1-USB
  • NGW-1-ISO
  • NGW-1-USB
  • NGX
  • QNB-1-GLA
  • QNB-1-PMW
  • W2K-1

A2K Product CAD Files Download

  • 4-way drop
  • A2K Trunk Drop Cable
  • A2K-TER-U
  • Drop T (MFF)
  • M12 Female Right Angled
  • M12 Male Right Angled
  • M12 Female Straight FFC
  • M12 Male Straight FFC
  • M12 Panel Mount Assembly Female
  • M12 Panel Mount Assembly Male
  • MPT-1
  • Multi-drop T (4-way T)
  • SBN-1
  • SBN-2
  • Termination Resistor Female
  • Termination Resistor Male

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