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Leading marine electronics brand, Actisense®, are due to provide their expertise to marine industry professionals from across the UK in a dedicated free workshop on the 19th of August.

Following on from the success of their previous workshops which took place in February and April of this year, Actisense®, the leading marine electronics brand from Active Research Limited are offering another workshop to their loyal customers and those within the marine industry free of charge. The workshop forms part of Actisense’s current campaign for industry and knowledge development in the UK and will see professionals across the UK’s marine industry gather at the Hallmark Hotel Bournemouth.

Presented by Actisense® Chief Engineer, Andy Campbell, and Technical Support Engineer, Owen Vachell, the workshop will cover topics such as “safely connecting a PC to an NMEA network”, “creating reliable hybrid NMEA networks” and “tools and techniques for diagnosing NMEA networks”.

Commenting on the upcoming workshops, Phil Whitehurst, Managing Director of Actisense®, has said:

“Based on the success of our first two workshops, we are pleased to be holding a third workshop in the Shiraz Suite at the glamorous Hallmark Hotel. Having relocated to a larger venue this will give us the opportunity to deliver the workshop to more professionals from across our industry and provide them with further knowledge on how to make the most of our innovative products.”

If you would like more information or to register for the next workshop contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

For more information on Actisense® visit: http://www.actisense.com/

SeaTalk NG to NMEA 2000 Adaptor Cable.

Thanks to an extended agreement with Raymarine, the same adaptor cable that Actisense supplies with its NGW-1-STNG is available to purchase with all our NMEA 2000® devices*.

NGW-1-STNG is the Raymarine SeaTalk NG option. This version enables users to convert NMEA 0183 data into SeaTalk NG and vice-versa, providing seamless integration with Raymarine products. The NGW-1-STNG option combines a standard NGW-1-ISO with a Raymarine SeaTalk NG adaptor cable to interface NMEA 0183 instruments to the NMEA 2000® based SeaTalk NG bus.

So in addition to being able to easily integrate SeaTalk NG with NMEA 0183, Actisense now provides a complete solution for integrating your PC (via the NGT-1) and the award winning Engine Monitoring Unit (EMU-1) with your Raymarine SeaTalk NG network, giving you greater choice and adaptability.

*The SeaTalk NG to NMEA 2000® adaptor cable (STNG-A06045) is only available to purchase with Actisense NMEA 2000® gateways and EMU-1, and is not available as a standalone product.


Actisense A2K Micro Field Fit Connectors

This month sees the release of the Actisense A2K Micro Field Fit Connectors.

These new Actisense Field Fit Connectors allow for secure, reliable connections in any NMEA 2000® installation using Micro cable. The glands inside the connectors tighten around the cable as they are screwed together to maintain watertight integrity.

The Field Fit Connectors enable cables to be cut to any length resulting in less excess and the right angle option means cables can be fitted at a number of angles to allow ease of installation from the desired entry point.

Male and female variants, as well as right angle options for each, provide full flexibility and make it easy to install cable around tight bends, meaning your network can now be fully customised.


The Field Fit Connectors are the perfect complement to the Actisense 100m Bulk Reel Cable.


Latest News