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Josh Keets

The Actisense NGW-1 is sold pre-configured, either with ‘standard’ or ‘AIS’ firmware depending on which model you purchase. Should you wish to reconfigure your NGW-1, this is done via our free to download Actisense Toolkit program.

There are 2 ways of configuring your NGW-1, remotely using an NGT-1, or directly using a physical connection between the NGW-1 and the PC.

If you own an NGW-1-ISO, we recommend connecting it to your PC via an Actisense USG-2, so you have full isolation and protection of both the PC and the NGW-1. If you wish to use an RS-232, or serial to USB adapter, details of connecting your NGW-1 to a PC via an RS-232 cable, or RS232 to USB Adapter are in the manual.

If you own an NGW-1-USB, then simply plug your USB into the PC. If this is the first time, please ensure that the PC is online, as Windows will automatically find and install the required drivers.

Please note, configuring your NGW-1 via Actisense Toolkit only works with the latest 2.660 firmware. If your device is on an older version such as 2.420, upgrade it first using the NGW-1 2.660 Actipatch relevant to your device variant.