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Regarding voltage. My 2006 DeFever 49 CPMY is equipped with two John Deere diesels with analog monitoring. The four OEM gauges that monitor each engine include: Tachometer, Engine Oil Pressure, Engine Coolant Temperature and Alternator voltage. The boat’s DC power set up is that the engine starter batteries are also the house batteries for the DC system and they are crossed over. Because of this set up, I would like to know the alternator voltage for each engine, and am not as interested in the DC voltage of the NMEA network to which the EMU-1 is attached. (I also have other indicators for overall DC voltage, not just from the EMU-1.) In addition, among other things, a zero voltage indication on an engine would indicate a possible belt or alternator failure.

When I wired the EMU-1 to the system, I did not think to check as to whether alternator voltage is an available gauge choice. Only when I programmed the EMU-1 did I realize that is not the case.

Therefore, I would ask that you consider adding a VDO 8 – 16 volt gauge choice to the options.

Thank you very much.