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    We have been noticing that the A2K-SBN-1 Actisense small boat network Self-contained terminated NMEA 2000 Network backbones have been very difficult to plug in the drop cables.
    Several weeks ago I was on a remote install job onboard a new small boat build at an Aluminum Vessel builders shop.
    I only had two of these backbone kits with me in the van .
    While under the dash attempting to plug in the drop cables I had difficulty plugging in to 3 of the 4 ports.
    Only the first port closest to the orange power wire went in smoothly.
    One of the drops was a Navico brand drop cable , the other a Furuno brand drop, and the third was an Actisense drop cable . Neither of these would plug in .
    I started to think the pins were not lining up . So I replaced the A2K-SBN-1 with another new one.
    Almost the same , but that one had only two ports that were this way.
    So tried several other brand and Actisense drop cables I had in the van ,and all did the same thing in those difficult ports.
    I ended up having to force the plugs in then backing them out to see if the pins bent.
    The pins were ok so re-plugged and left it at that . Remote job, under the gun to complete this vessel so not much choice.
    After that job ,came back to the shop ,and started checking the rest of the stock we had in the bin. All 8 of those had the same issues.. Some with only one port like that , some with 3 of the 4 bad.
    What we determined here is that the socket housing with the female pins are somehow distorted on the difficult to insert ports.
    Something has changed in manufacturing because we never saw this previous to this.
    Our recently ordered batch we are seeing the same thing, so this is ongoing , and not limited to a rogue production run.
    Asked another dealer if they had seen this issue , they said no but maybe they had a different production batch.
    We have tested with several different brand drop cables that plug in properly to other brand T’s we have here.
    Anyone else seeing this?

    Josh Keets

    Hi there!

    We would like to investigate this further. Could you kindly create a ticket so our Tech Support can take the necessary next steps in the process.

    Ticket link: https://desk.zoho.eu/portal/actisense/en/newticket

    Thank you in advance.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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