USB Drivers

Linux USB Drivers

All of our USB products (USG-1, NGT-1-USB, NGW-1-USB and NDC-4-USB) can be used in Linux as the FTDI USB chip we use in our products is supported in Linux. In fact as of Linux Kernel v4.0, our devices will be supported without any work being required by the user at all.  If your Linux Kernel is older we currently have three methods that various customers have used successfully...
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Windows 7 Support

ollowing the release of Windows 10, most manufacturers and developers have started to use a new mandatory version of digital signing certificate to sign their software and USB Drivers.  This new digital signing certificate is not natively supported by Windows 7 and results in Windows preventing the installed USB Driver from operating.  As this can affect the Actisense...
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USB Device Not Working

This article refers to Actisense devices that are manufactured with a USB cable (like the NGW-1-USB or NGT-1-USB) and the USB kit leads available for the NDC-4, NDC-5 and PRO range.  For issues involving connections that use a third party USB to serial converter, please contact the manufacturer of that converter....
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