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How to Upgrade/Downgrade EMU-1 Firmware

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1. Firstly, ensure that an Actisense NGT-1 (with firmware v2.210 or above) is connected to both your PC and the same NMEA 2000 network as the EMU-1 to be updated. Secondly, ensure that any other software program (such as NMEA Reader) has not opened the NGT-1’s COM port.

2. Toolkit is the simple tool that contains the latest EMU-1 firmware. Run Toolkit and select the NGT-1 COM port from the “Comms” menu. The selected NGT-1 COM port will be remembered for all future sessions but it can be changed at any time if required.

3. Select the EMU-1 to be updated from the “Serial/CAN Device List”.

4. Click on the “Upgrade Firmware” or “Downgrade Firmware” button (depending on your needs) in the Toolkit ribbon menu, followed by the “Program” button in the pop-up window to start the reprogramming process.

The blue “Power” LED on the EMU-1 should now be flashing faster (5 times per second) to indicate that the EMU-1 is in Bootloader mode. The “Tx” and “Rx” LED’s on the EMU-1 should be flashing very fast indicating the transfer of firmware information.

5. Once the upgrade is complete, click “close”.