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How to Upgrade/Downgrade EMU-1 Firmware?

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1. Firstly, ensure that an Actisense NGT-1 (with firmware v2.210 or above) or an NGX-1 is connected to both your PC and the same NMEA 2000 network as the EMU-1 to be updated. Secondly, ensure that any other software program (such as NMEA Reader) has not opened the NGT-1’s/NGX-1’s COM port.

2. Toolkit is the simple tool that contains the latest EMU-1 firmware. Run Toolkit and select the NGT/NGX COM port from the “Comms” menu. The selected NGT/NGX COM port will be remembered for all future sessions but it can be changed at any time if required.

3. Select the EMU-1 to be updated from the “Serial/CAN Device List”.

4. Click on the “Upgrade Firmware” or “Downgrade Firmware” button (depending on your needs) in the Toolkit ribbon menu, followed by the “Program” button in the pop-up window to start the reprogramming process.

The blue “Power” LED on the EMU-1 should now be flashing faster (5 times per second) to indicate that the EMU-1 is in Bootloader mode. The “Tx” and “Rx” LED’s on the EMU-1 should be flashing very fast indicating the transfer of firmware information.

5. Once the upgrade is complete, click “close”.

For more information on NMEA 2000 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 2000 networking here: https://actisense.com/complete-guide-to-building-an-nmea-2000-network/