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What is the easiest way to get lost SRC address of a particular device in the NMEA 2000 network?

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If a device has ‘lost’ the SRC address (Source address), then it is likely not completing the address claim command process correctly, or another device is causing an issue on the network and has claimed the address the other device was previously using. Although this should mean that the device takes a new address, this isn’t always the case.

To remedy this, try to connect two devices to the network (1 device that you know works, and then the other device which has lost the address) to see how it responds and if it claims an address (This can be seen using an NGT-1 and NMEA Reader as it will show the network view of all devices on the network), and then add the other devices back on the BUS, one by one. If at any point the device in question loses its address again, then it would suggest that the device that has just been added is causing an address conflict.

This isn’t a straightforward answer as there are other potential possibilities, such as if the device in question isn’t NMEA 2000 certified; it isn’t being powered correctly; the network has other physical layer issues; etc.

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