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Where can I get a diagnostic tool for NMEA 2000?

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There are a number of different tools available to perform network diagnostics, depending on what you are trying to test and monitor. In terms of data and device connections, our NGT-1 NMEA 2000 PC Gateway in combination with Actisense NMEA Reader PC Software is a great, cost effective solution.  

The NGT-1 will transfer every PGN on the network to the PC, where NMEA Reader can then be used to display and decode the NMEA 2000 data. NMEA Reader will display the source address of each device, the device info obtained from it, the PGNs being output and the interval of them. Combine this with the logging capability within NMEA Reader, and you’ve got yourself a live display of your NMEA 2000 data with the option to perform post-analysis by reviewing the log files.  

For more information on NMEA 0183 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 0183 networking.
For more information on NMEA 2000 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 2000 networking.

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