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Can I use an NMEA Autoswitch with an NMEA Data Multiplexer?

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Yes, is the simple answer. The Actisense NMEA Autoswitch has been specifically designed to work together with the NMEA Multiplexer / Combiner to create a complete NMEA system solution.

The normal NMEA system would have an Actisense Autoswitch connected to two (or more) GPS / Depth sounder units. The Autoswitch adds a special NMEA tag to the data that passes through it to help identify which of these GPS / Depth sounder units supplied the NMEA data.

The autoswitched NMEA output is connected to one of the NMEA Data Multiplexers inputs. In this way the highest priority device’s NMEA data is autoswitched into the complete NMEA system and the actual device supplying the NMEA data can be determined (and displayed if required and possible) to help the user.