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As boaters in the northern hemisphere prepare to head into the winter and take their boats off the water... Read more...

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As boaters in the northern hemisphere prepare to head into the winter and take their boats off the water, here are some of our top tips to ensure your boat has all the TLC it needs before bringing it back onto the water in the springtime…

1. Give your boat a thorough spray-down after a busy season on the water. Power-wash the bottom and be sure to wash down the deck.

2. Get your engine into tip-top shape for winter. Prevent the build-up of condensation by topping off your fuel tank. Flush your cooling system before replenishing with a good anti-freeze mix.

3. Get more data from your network/analogue gauges next season. This tool can help you with that.

4. Consider your boat’s electronics network. If you currently operate an NMEA 0183 network, could you benefit from upgrading to NMEA 2000? You could even keep all your NMEA 0183 kit onboard and save thousands $$$. Read our free complete guide to NMEA 2000 networks to find out more.

5. Freshen up by changing the oil and the oil filter.

6. Your plumbing should either be drained completely or refilled with antifreeze added. Any water or holding tanks should be washed out with anti-bacterial solution and then drained.

7. Your battery should ideally be disconnected and removed. Alternatively, you can set up a battery charger to maintain it through the long period of inactivity.

8. A good quality, properly fitted cover will protect your boat from rain, snow, and frost.

9. As more and more people move towards wireless interfacing by opting to use their mobile phones and WiFi-enables devices at sea, consider how you might be able to enjoy these benefits next season too.

Using Wi-Fi on your Boat

10. The off-season is a great time to apply grease to all parts that require it to protect from corrosion.

After following these steps you should now be ready to kickstart the next boating season.

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