Can Trader team

Our Head of Commercial, Justin Cohen, sat down with Lim Ding Liang, Vice President of Can Marine Systems and Can Trader & Services, to talk about our long-standing relationship with them…


Justin Cohen (JC): How would you describe your company and services?

Lim Ding Liang (LDL): Founded in 1981, Can Trader & Services has established itself as a premier marine electronics company in Southeast Asia. Our core expertise lies in providing top-of-the-line communication and navigation systems for the maritime industry. We offer a comprehensive range of solutions, including satellite connectivity, satellite TV, fleet tracking, marine autonomy solutions, and CCTV systems.

With a dedicated team of skilled professionals, we excel in designing and integrating communication and navigation systems for new shipbuilding projects. From initial concept to final commissioning, we serve as a trusted one-stop solution provider, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. Our in-house logistics team ensures efficient supply chain management, while our service team handles installations with precision. Additionally, our technical experts are always available to provide prompt assistance in case of any technical complexities, solidifying our commitment to being a comprehensive provider.

As part of our integrated solutions offering, our affiliated company Can Marine Systems Pte. Ltd. specializes in special projects and distribution of satellite equipment, along with the provision of airtime services. Moreover, our esteemed subsidiary, Sakana Electronics & Services, is authorized by major Classification Societies such as ABS, BV, DNV, GL, KR, LR, NK, and RINA to conduct safety radio surveys.

At Can Trader & Services, we take pride in our extensive experience, technical proficiency, and commitment to delivering top-quality solutions to our valued clients.


JC: Why is offering NMEA connectivity equipment important?

LDL: Offering NMEA connectivity equipment is important because it ensures compatibility and seamless integration with other NMEA-compliant devices. It facilitates data sharing between onboard systems, improving situational awareness and operational efficiency. Additionally, it enables system integration and centralized control, leading to streamlined operations. By adhering to industry standards, it demonstrates reliability and meets customer requirements. Moreover, NMEA connectivity equipment future-proofs vessels by allowing easy incorporation of new technologies and integration with evolving marine systems. Overall, it enhances compatibility, data sharing, system integration, compliance, and future-proofing in the marine industry.


JC: Why did you choose to become one of our distributors?

LDL: We carefully select the brands and products we represent, and Actisense stood out for several reasons. We chose to be the Distributor for Actisense because of their consistent commitment to innovation and their ability to adapt to market needs. Actisense products have proven to be flexible and reliable, with a near-zero failure rate, which aligns with our goal of providing high-quality solutions to our customers. Furthermore, Actisense values collaboration and recognizes the importance of building strong and mutually beneficial relationships. We have found that working together with Actisense has resulted in positive impacts for our business. Their responsiveness to customer feedback and their dedication to customer satisfaction have been instrumental in our decision to partner with them. Overall, Actisense’s innovative approach, market adaptability, reliable products, and focus on building successful partnerships are key factors that influenced our choice to become one of their partners. We believe that our collaboration with Actisense will continue to bring value to our customers and contribute to the growth and success of both our businesses.


JC: What is unique about your company?

LDL: At Can Trader & Services, our unique strength lies in our diverse and talented team. We bring together individuals from various backgrounds and cultures, harnessing their strengths to add exceptional value to our business and achieve our goals. Our people are the driving force behind our commitment to delivering the best solutions to our customers while safeguarding our company’s interests. We prioritize their professional growth and empower them to stay ahead of industry advancements, ensuring we offer innovative and tailored packages that meet our customers’ needs. With our dedicated team, Can Trader & Services stands out as a trusted provider in the industry, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering outstanding results.