Actisense Multiplexers are a great way of making your installation cleaner and simpler, tying everything together. They bring another level of flexibility, with configurable baud rates, sentence filtering and routing, auto-switching etc… This can solve many NMEA 0183 interconnectivity headaches.

With 5 OPTO-Isolated inputs, the PRO-NDC-1E can support multiple devices safely, with no chance of them being damaged, thanks to the full isolation, keeping each device separate. The 2 outputs are also equipped with our industry-first ‘ISO-Drive’ technology, which provides complete isolation on each output as well. This combination ensures that every connected device and the PRO-NDC-1E is always protected*.

*Acts of God such as lightning strikes are not preventable and may result in product damage, which is out of our control.

PRO-NDC-1E Network Diagram
PRO-NDC-1E Network Diagram

Multiple diagnostic LEDs allow for quick and easy identification of data presence and device operation. For example, data issues can be caused by instruments not outputting correctly, which the PRO-NDC-1E will highlight via the input LEDs. The LEDs illuminate to indicate the presence of data. No LED = No data, meaning the connected device is not working correctly, or you have a configuration issue.

Actisense have added the ability to stream the NMEA 0183 output data via Ethernet to a connected system. This has its own benefits, including speed and bandwidth availability, and data validity. For modern systems that are looking to adopt NMEA OneNet in the future, or currently have on-board intranets and network systems, the product can integrate seamlessly via the Ethernet socket. This opens a number of new doors, providing extra and more versatile means of connecting instrument data together.

The Actisense PRO Range is made up of RINA Type Approved devices. This means they are suitable for class vessels where Type Approval is required. These instruments undergo strenuous testing, which is more demanding than a standard product test, requiring the device to reach and operate correctly under a number of different circumstances and have certain characteristics. They are metal housed, making them rugged, reliable and robust. The PRO range products are a perfect solution for commercial or class installations where device resilience is a factor.