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We often get asked for tips and tricks from an installer’s perspective, so we’ve outlined some key recommendations to make things easier for you.

“Are there any tips and tricks you can offer, or products which make things easier for installers?”

There are plenty of things that can be done to make your life easier as a technician or installer. Our first and most important tip is to design and sketch the network out, before beginning the installation. Adjusting drawings to overcome problems is a lot easier than trying to do it in the field, especially if you come across an issue and don’t have the necessary hardware with you to overcome it.  

TER U Flat view
A2K-TER-U Smart Universal Terminator

A nifty product which we make is our Smart Terminator (A2K-TER-U), which can be used as a Male, Female and In-Line Terminator. The terminator contains 2 LEDs, which illuminate depending on the voltage across the network. If the network is correctly powered (i.e. above 9V), the LED will be green. If the power is below 9V then the LED will be red. The purpose of the LEDs is to give you a quick visual indication of the current network power at the extremities, i.e. removing the requirement for a multimeter reading to be taken.  

For more information on NMEA 0183 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 0183 networking.
For more information on NMEA 2000 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 2000 networking.

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