With the latest version of the W2K-1 firmware, we are delighted to release our new suite of diagnostic tools for your NMEA 2000 network… Introducing Actisense-i! The first release includes Battery Voltage monitoring, diagnostic logging, CAN Bus monitoring, and an N2K Device counter. We are also working on a full network health checker – watch this space!

Along with Actisense-i, we are also pleased to have implemented bi-directional data transfer for N2K ASCII and N2K Actisense (was previously Transmit (Tx) only), as well as added filtering options on Transmit (Tx).

Download firmware & view release notes

W2K-1 NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway

The W2K-1 is a rugged and reliable NMEA 2000 to Wi-Fi Gateway with built-in data logger.

It transfers data from an NMEA 2000 backbone to any device (e.g laptop, tablet or smartphone) connected to it via Wi-Fi and additionally can convert this data to NMEA 0183 using Actisense’s renowned conversion engine.