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Josh Keets

Hi Steve,

My apologies, looks like my reply never actually sent way back in November!

Possibly in the future this is something we might work on. It is on our ‘potential ideas’ list, as a future improvement (or new product if we ever make a W2K-2). However at this moment in time, configuring the EMU-1 is only possible via the NGT-1.

The NGT-1 is a very useful tool to have on board anyway, as it isn’t just a configuration USB Device, it can also be used to monitor and diagnose issues on your network, and log all of your data when used in combination with NMEA Reader. The device is capable of transferring every single NMEA 2000 PGN from the network to the PC… ideal if you also want a chartplotter / nav program on an on-board computer or laptop.

Please let me know if there is anything else you would consider a potential improvement to the W2K-1 in future and I will get it logged.

P.S. I will log your interest in the wireless configuration ideas, to keep track of how many customers are requesting this feature.