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    Justin Cohen

    Would you benefit from a fuel flow monitoring feature on your EMU-1?


    Unfortunately, my John Deere Diesel engines do not have a fuel flow sensor. Due to the very low fuel consumption, I doubt I would need fuel flow on my current boat. However, I have traveled on a boat with a digital fuel flow indicator and found it valuable to monitor fuel consumption and engine performance during a long trip.


    i still don’t have an EMU-1 or other analog to NMEA2000 converter but i think fuel flow monitor would be an interesting feature, even just by reconverting the second tacho input


    Absolutely. I am about to start a software NMEA2K project to convert tacho input to fuel flow rate output, via a suitable conversion graph; not unlike the custom gauge approach. This can be displayed on Garmin kit.
    For diesel engines that have flow and return diesel to the injector rod and back to the tank, this is a simple solution with no added hardware.
    Adding that to the EMU-1 for the second tach input as mentioned would be superb!
    I have been monitoring the data in practise and tacho gives a pretty accurate answer – infinitely better than dodgy analogue fuel gauges!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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