Boaters love your products… they just want them to be better connected!

Aside from our award-winning product range that is sold widely around the globe, we often receive requests to work in partnership with OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturers) who are looking for ways to integrate their own products into existing systems. Our team has decades of experience in engineering solutions that make that happen, and we are always keen to explore new and exciting opportunities to work with companies wishing to do the same.

How have we done it before?

We have worked with some of the marine industry’s leading players to help create bespoke solutions to their NMEA connectivity challenges. From Raymarine to TimeZero, Drumgrange and many more, our process is all about listening to the specific challenges faced, and applying our NMEA expertise to find valuable, cost-effective solutions.

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... and it's not just in marine application!

While it’s true that the majority of NMEA challenges occur in the marine space, we have found unique ways to apply our technology to solve similar challenges in other sectors, such as Agri-tech and transportation.

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Our relationship with the NMEA

Our relationship with the NMEA dates back over two decades and in that time, we have worked closely with them to guide the development of the NMEA 2000 and OneNet standards.

Our Solutions Engineer, Josh Keets, is a qualified NMEA trainer, and our Chief Engineer, Andy Campbell, is the Chair of the NMEA 2000 Technical Steering Committee.

Our close relationship has meant that our team is at the forefront of any new developments, and has allowed us to help our customers in bringing their solutions to market, armed with the latest intel.

Recognition for our innovations

Several of our products have been nominated for and won NMEA Product of Excellence Awards (as voted for by NMEA members).

In 2022, we were also delighted to receive the NMEA Manufacturer of the Year Award, recognising not just the products themselves, but also how well they are supported in the field.

What have our customers said about working with us?

We pride ourselves on being experts in what we do, and being easy to do business with. Want to know what our customers really think? Have a read of these testimonials…

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We have created a wide range of useful NMEA resources, including:

However, nothing beats a direct conversation. Our team are here to help find the NMEA interfacing or connectivity solution you need.

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