NMEA 0183

Configuring an NDC-4 for AIS

We offer the NDC-4 preconfigured for AIS devices (product code: NDC-4-AIS).  This will have "OPTO IN 2" set to communicate at 38400 baud by default and filters applied to this input to prevent the data appearing at "ISO OUT 1" as the large volume of data from AIS devices can quickly 'flood' the standard 4800 baud bandwidth at this output...
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Sharing NMEA 0183 Data with a PC

Connecting NMEA 0183 devices directly to a PC without isolation is not recommended as this can cause ground loops which will damage your PC and your NMEA 0183 devices.  The Actisense USG-2 is a great device to overcome the issue of isolation with PC connections. The USG-2 has isolation on the input and output, keeping your devices safe from ground loops.  The USG-2..
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