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Filtering Data Using the NDC-4

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NDC Control Centre can be used to turn on and off data filtering via the ‘Inclusion List’ tab.

This is how the list works:
1. When there are NO ticks the list is disabled and ALL sentences are passed.
2. When there is one or more ticks ONLY the ticked sentences are passed.
All un-ticked sentences are blocked.
3. To block ALL sentences the list needs a tick to become enabled.
The sentence ticked will still be passed but causes ALL other sentences to be blocked.
For example, AAM is NOT an AIS sentence so ticking it blocks ALL sentences from the AIS input from the slow speed OUT 1 port.

Download NDC Control Centre

For more information on NMEA 0183 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 0183 networking here: https://actisense.com/everything-to-know-about-nmea-0183-guide/