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NMEA 0183 device not receiving data from NGW-1

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If your NMEA 0183 Listener is not showing any data when connected to the NMEA 0183 output of an NGW-1, the first step for fault finding should be to see if the NGW-1 supports the conversions you need.

As NMEA 2000 continues to grow, an NMEA 0183 equivalent isn’t always available. In the latest version of NMEA 0183 released in June 2012, there are 148 sentences with between 550 – 570 data fields. In total contrast, in the latest version of NMEA 2000 released in February 2015, there are 163 PGN messages and 1569 data fields.

Refer to the NGW-1 Full Conversion List for v2.660 here : https://actisense.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/01/NGW-1-Full-Conversion-List-v2.660.pdf
*If you have older firmware installed on your device, please update it to the latest (v2.660) before viewing the conversion list, as there are new conversions added for v2.660*

Viewing NMEA 0183 Data

After finding out that the conversions you need ARE supported, the next step is to find out if the NGW-1 is converting and outputting the required data. The video below will explain how to view NMEA 0183 data coming from the NGW-1 using our free NMEA Reader software.

NMEA Reader can be downloaded using this link.

This video goes into more detail: https://www.facebook.com/ActisenseNews/videos/1794697057208242/

Recording Data for Analysis

The next video will explain how to record the data for further analysis (using EBL Reader) by either yourself or our support team.

EBL Reader can be downloaded using this link.

This video goes into more detail: https://www.facebook.com/ActisenseNews/videos/1796763263668288/

Wiring Instructions

If the required NMEA 0183 data IS being sent by the NGW-1 The next step is to check the wiring connections and ensure the baud rates between the two devices are the same.

NGW-1 wiring is as follows:





Rx +

Tx +


Rx –

Tx –


Tx +

Rx +


Tx –

Rx –

You will know what baud rate the NGW-1 is operating at when you successfully open the COM port in NMEA Reader (explained in the above video). Ensure your NMEA 0183 Listener uses the same baud rate.

Changing the NGW-1 Baud Rate

If you need to change the NGW-1 baud rate, refer to the NGW-1 User Manual for instructions on updating your device to v2.660 firmware, and also how to configure the NGW-1 using Toolkit with v2.660.

Viewing NMEA 2000 Data

If the required NMEA 0183 data IS NOT being sent by the NGW-1, a closer look needs to be taken at the data that is available on the NMEA 2000 network. To do that you will need to repeat the steps in the above video using an Actisense NGT-1.

This article explains the differences between the NGW-1 and the NGT-1

For more information on NMEA 0183 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 0183 networking here: https://actisense.com/everything-to-know-about-nmea-0183-guide/
For more information on NMEA 2000 and how it works, please download our free guide to NMEA 2000 networking here: https://actisense.com/complete-guide-to-building-an-nmea-2000-network/