wilhelm app

A talented developer, Scott Bender, has created an incredibly useful app to allow users to entirely customise their boat instrument data, and send that data to any Apple mobile device including iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. There is a treasure trove of data travelling along your NMEA network and WilhelmSK gives you a smart way to visualise that data, making it more easy to read and analyse.

WilhelmSK provides a large library of pre-created gauges for things like depth, wind speed and angle, or engine RPM. But it is robust enough to display any available data from your server. The great news is that you can completely customize all gauges’ position, layout and size. Create an environment that best serves you onboard!

To connect to WilhelmSK, simply connect an Actisense W2K-1 (authorised and tested to work with WilhelmSK) to your network and configure it as follows:

Configure a server on W2K-1 with format N2K ASCII, direction Both, protocol TCP. In WilhelmSK, go to Settings -> Connections and tap the plus button. Select “Actisense W2K-1”, and enter the IP or hostname, and the port of the server you configured on the W2K-1 (60002 in the example below).

Screenshot of the WilhelmSK in action: