PRIDE Banner

June is Pride month. One of our core values is Respect & Inclusivity, something that we are passionate about as a business. We want everyone to feel comfortable, happy and safe working here, so for the month of June we’re proud to be supporting #prideintheocean.

Our Head of Operations, Amy Miles, explains what Pride means to her:

“June is a month to celebrate our LGBTQ+ community. Representation and visibility of not only LQBTQ+, but all cultures and backgrounds will only help to drive positive learnings and educating those around us.

Increasing acceptance of how everyone is different, and how everyone can bring a different perspective, whether that’s a different family set up, religious view or cultural insight, these are the things that are going to drive a more diverse workforce and make our future even kinder and brighter!

Maritime UK are also hosting an industry Pride in Maritime round table on 13th June.