Connect to TimeZero with the NGT-1

Connecting your NMEA 2000 Network to a PC or laptop with TimeZero couldn’t be simpler using our NGT-1 NMEA 2000 to PC Interface. The NGT-1-USB takes plug and play simplicity to the next level, with out of the box operation.

The intelligent device allows for every current NMEA 2000 PGN to be transferred from the network to your PC, with no manual configuration required. Thanks to how the device has been developed, it is down to the connected application to configure the device. This means that for you, the user, it is a much quicker set-up process as the PC application will enable all required PGNs.

Combine this with Windows method of driver installation, where the necessary drivers are automatically installed (provided the PC has an internet connection*), and the process really doesn’t take any more than a couple of minutes.

TimeZero have made this even quicker, by identifying the NGT-1-USB as their NMEA 2000 Gateway of choice, meaning that their application will identify the NGT-1-USB, and knows what it is. There is an automatic configuration option within TimeZero, where the application will scan the PC for connected devices, and recognize those which are NMEA 2000 to PC Interfaces.

From there, the data that you want can be defined, and the source that it comes from if needed.

By default, the NGT-1-USB operates at 115200 baud, which is the maximum baud rate TimeZero can work with the NGT-1. Do not up the NGT-1 to 230400 baud for use with TZ.

Please note: Not all applications can support 230400 baud, so please check with the developer first.

*If the PC does not have an active internet connection, then the drivers will need to be installed manually. For this, please refer to our Knowledge Base, or create a ticket with our Support Desk.

Still stuck? Watch our short video below demonstrating how to connect the NGT-1-USB to TimeZero.

As of April 2022, the NGT-1-ISO is not compatible with TimeZero.

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