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HW Virtual Serial Port for W2K-1 NMEA 0183 data with NMEA Reader Guide

Whilst it is currently not possible to directly connect your W2K-1 to NMEA Reader, it is achievable using a third-party programme. HW Virtual Serial Port (HWVSP) allows for a connection between a wireless device and a PC, and the application creates a virtual port using this connection on the PC.

The programme is downloadable here:

Here’s the step-by-step guide to create this connection and view your data:

1. Connect to your W2K-1 Wi-Fi network on your PC / Laptop.

2. Download and Install HWVSP from the link above.

3. Load Programme.

4. Connect to W2K AP ( by entering the IP into the connection box on HWVSP (you need to log in first which is UN: ‘admin’ PW:‘admin’. Also, set the Port number to the Port of the W2K you are using. These default to 60001, 60002 and 60003 but can be changed via the W2K-1 web config.

HW Virtual Serial Port for W2K-1

5. Once set up, click ‘Create COM’ and the VSP will be created.

HW Virtual Serial Port for W2K-1

6. Open NMEA Reader and select the COM Connection as the virtual port just created in the HWVSP programme. The baud rate chosen here does not matter, data will be received at any rate as it is not using the baud rate.

7. View the NMEA 0183 data being transmitted from W2K-1 in NMEA Reader.

W2k-1 data on NMEA reader

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