NMEA Buffer

The power to drive up to six NMEA devices, with the safety of total input and output isolation...


The NBF-2 has now been replaced with our new 

NBF-3 buffer.






An OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 Data Input

A full galvanic Opto-isolated differential input that fully complies with the NMEA 0183 standard specification. This allows the input to work correctly with long cable runs, and/or in a noisy environment.

This also allows the NBF-2 to offer up to 2500v of common mode voltage difference (between its input and outputs).

6 ISO-Drive Flexible Outputs

Each ISO-Drive output is fully compatible with the RS422 (NMEA 0183), RS485 and RS232 connections on the NMEA listening devices the NBF-2 supplies data to, and offers total galvanic isolation of up to 1500v between the output and ground.

The full-differential output ensures better quality communications and lower noise emissions on unshielded twisted pair cabling.

IP66/IP68 Case and Gland Design

A very robust polycarbonate case with a high waterproof certification. The small case size is ideal for space restrictive applications.


Extended Warranty

Due to the significant protection improvements offered by the ISO-Drive outputs, all Actisense ISO-Drive products come with a extended length warranty of 3-years as standard.

Ground Loop Solution

The ISO-Drive outputs completely remove any problematic ground loops between the NMEA device connected to the input (talker), and all the NMEA devices connected to the 6 ISO-Drive outputs (listeners).

High Quality Angled Screw Terminals

The 'moving cage' type terminals make cable installation a simple and quick operation.

Wide Battery Input Voltage Range

To offer maximum compatibility, a battery supply of anywhere between 10 and 35 volts can be used.

Very Low Current Consumption

Ideal for small vessels with small batteries.

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