NMEA Multiplexer

The NDC-2 is no longer in production. Please see the current NDC-4 model. 





IP66/IP68 Case and Grommet Design

A robust ABS case with a high waterproof certification.

High Quality Angled Screw Terminals

The 'moving cage' type terminals make cable installation a simple and quick operation.

4 OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 Data Inputs

Receive the data from up to four NMEA devices. Galvanic Opto-isolation blocks any interfering noise signals / spikes - 'cleaning up' the signal and preventing ground loops.

NMEA 0183 PC Data Input 

Enables PC software (e.g. chart plotter) to add NMEA sentences to the combined NMEA data output. Perfect for PC chart plotter controlled course steering via the NMEA network.

NMEA 0183 and RS232 (PC) Serial Outputs
Allows any NMEA device and PC to read the combined NMEA data output. Furthermore, special NMEA codes are used to label each NMEA sentence - allowing the NMEA device or PC to determine where all the NMEA information originated from.
Configurable Port Baud Rates
To improve device connection compatibility, all input and output ports have multiple Baud rates available (via the Control Centre software).
Configurable Inclusion & Priority Lists
The RS232 input and each NMEA input has its own Inclusion list of allowed NMEA sentences, and its own priority level. This provides a simple way of filtering out any unwanted NMEA information and prioritising the input data.

Powerful Processor

A high-speed microcontroller capable of 10 million instructions per second, and a large NMEA data buffer, allowing smoothing of short-term peaks in the NMEA data flow.

Intelligent Software
Filters the valid data from all active inputs, using the configured Inclusion lists, and then combines the remaining data using a simple priority system. Highest priority input (1) has the best chance of its data being added to the output combined NMEA data, and input 4 the lowest chance. This advanced user controlled system only operates as and when it becomes necessary to reduce the NMEA data outputted (triggered by very high loading of the combined NMEA output). The RS232 output will always contain all of the NMEA data (due to its higher Baud rate and bandwidth).
Flash Upgradeable
The hardware's firmware (software) can be easily upgraded as and when necessary.
Very Low Current Consumption
Ideal for small vessels with small batteries.
Diagnostic Tri-Colour LED
Indicates operation mode, or if a hardware fault has been detected.
Control Centre Software Suite
PC based software to configure all hardware settings, monitor and display NMEA data and statistics for all hardware inputs and outputs. Offers full hardware diagnostics capabilities.

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