NMEA Multiplexer

The NDC-2 is no longer in production. Please see the current NDC-4 model. 





This version of the NDC is no longer in production, please view the NDC-4 product if you require a new Multiplexer.
The Actisense NMEA Multiplexer / Combiner allows connection of up to four NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) inputs to be multiplexed/combined in to one NMEA output.

This approach offers these major advantages:

  • It enables the vessel owner complete access to all NMEA data sources, instead of the standard one device
  • Each NMEA input device is Opto-isolated from all other NMEA device in the system
  • Any NMEA data not required can be easily filtered out to reduce the total amount of NMEA data in the system
  • Each input and output baud rate can be changed to match the requirements of connected devices

Electrical spike protection is provided as standard on all four input channels using opto-isolators. This protects any connected equipment from most system faults; a particularly valuable benefit as equipment requiring the most data, such as a PC or chart plotter, is often the most expensive to repair or replace.
The NDC-2 Data Multiplexer contains highly intelligent software that manages the multiplexing and filtering operation, allowing every input to have a chance of its data reaching the combined NMEA output. Tested up to and beyond a combined 300% loading of the four inputs.

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