NMEA Multiplexer

The NDC-3 is no longer in production. Please see the current NDC-4 model.





This version of the NDC is no longer in production, please view the NDC-4  product if you require a new Multiplexer.
The Actisense NMEA Multiplexer / Combiner allows connection of up to four NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) inputs to be multiplexed/combined in to one NMEA output.
This approach offers these major advantages:

  • It enables the vessel owner complete access to all NMEA data sources, instead of the standard one device
  • Each NMEA input device is Opto-isolated from all other NMEA device in the system
  • Significant reductions in installation cost (from reduced cable lengths and requiring only one NMEA cable to be routed around the bridge to supply the multiplexed NMEA data

The NDC-3 has an NMEA 0183 output and a bi-directional RS232 port.
The NDC-3-USB has an additional USB bi-directional port (which when connected disables the RS232 input, but leaves the RS232 output freely available for use). 
Electrical spike protection is provided as standard on all four input channels using opto-isolators. This protects any connected equipment from most system faults; a particularly valuable benefit as equipment requiring the most data, such as a PC or chart plotter, is often the most expensive to repair or replace.
The NDC-3 Data Multiplexer contains intelligent software that manages the multiplexing operation, allowing every input to have a chance of its data reaching the combined NMEA output. Tested up to and beyond a combined 400% loading of the four inputs.

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