RS485 to RS232

The RS485-1 is no longer in production.






Tiny Case Design

All circuitry is contained within a robust standard D-type 9 pin connector for the optimal design size and cost.

Static Protected RS485 Input/Output

The RS485 circuitry provides 3000 volts of static protection to help protect the attached equipment (computer or radar etc.) from potentially damaging voltage or current spikes present in the electrically noisy environment of the vessel's wiring network.

Actisense Re-Programming
Primarily designed for flash re-programming the Active DST Module and Transducer units with new software (as and when required).
Fast Data Baud Rate
Capable of data transfer rates between 2.4k Baud and 115k Baud.

The adapter cable's internal circuitry is self-powered from the RS232 (PC) serial port - no additional power supply connection is required.

Half Duplex (two-way) Communication

Using a special 2-wire (and shield) interface, the attached RS232 equipment can receive the data transmitted by the RS485 device (e.g. Active DST Module or Active Transducers), and also send data back to the RS485 device.

Note: As this adapter design uses the half duplex system, it can only be one mode at any one time - either receive or transmit; it is not possible to transmit & receive simultaneously.

The default is receive (from the RS485 device) mode, changing to transmit (from the RS232 device) mode when an RS232 transmit occurs. There is a small delay before switching back to receive mode once the transmit period ends.

NMEA 0183 Compatible

Compatible with NMEA 0183 type devices.

Twisted Pair Cable

1.5 metres (5 feet) of high quality 2-core cable for noise interference cancellation / rejection.

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