USB to NMEA 0183

Connect your boat's data network to your PC with the safety of full electrical isolation...





The Actisense USG-1 is the safest way to connect a boat's data network to an on-board PC. It converts a USB port into a bi-directional serial port suitable for connecting to a marine standard NMEA 0183 data bus.

The ISO-Drive output and OPTO input provide full isolation, making installation simple and free from ground loops.

The OPTO input uses the Actisense isolation circuitry to protect any connected equipment from most common system faults. The isolator can receive very low level differential signals that are often too small to be received by a PC serial port.   

The USG-1 overcomes all the problems of using a low-cost USB to RS232 cable from a computer store (when handshaking is not required). It eliminates the risk of damage to the PC as it provides complete isolation.    

Benefits of the USG-1:

  • Create a serial port connection to an NMEA 0183 system, that may be on a different power circuit from the PC
  • Connect two PCs together that are on different power circuits
  • Provide a compliant NMEA 0183 port from a USB port
  • Receive low level differential signals that are too small to be received by a PC serial port
  • Free up PC serial/COM port for other uses   

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