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Actisense Toolkit is free to download software, developed to be a powerful, all in one solution for updating and configuring Actisense products. Toolkit enables the user to view all connected NMEA 2000 devices (via an NGT-1), all Network / Ethernet devices connected to the same network as the PC, and allows configuration for the EMU-1 and NGW-1.

Alongside the configuration and device viewing options, Toolkit can also be used to upgrade the firmware on various Actisense products. The main benefit of this is having multiple device’s firmware all contained within one program, instead of having separate programs for each device.

The Toolkit software allows Actisense NGT-1 owners to view NMEA 2000 device information directly from the network, helping users to easily identify potential problems. A new addition in the latest version of Toolkit allows for Source Address configuration, allowing the user to change the NMEA 2000 defined source address of connected Actisense devices on the network.

Device and System Instances of NMEA 2000 devices can also be changed (using an NGT-1) within Toolkit, along with installation notes of devices to highlight where they are installed. For an installer looking at a larger network, this can save a lot of time and headache by having notes on devices indicating where they are located.

Download the guide…

Actisense is dedicated to providing up-to-date software and resources for our products. The Toolkit beginner guide was created to simplify some of the software’s features, guiding the user from device list to configuration. You will find this free basic user guide available to download here.