NMEA Buffer

The NBF-1 is no longer in production. Please see the current NBF-3 model.





IP66/IP68 Case and Grommet Design

A very robust polycarbonate case with a high waterproof certification. The small case size is ideal for space restrictive applications.

Large Range of Possible Cable Diameters

The cable grommets can accept any cable between 3.5 mm and 8 mm in diameter.

High Quality Angled Screw Terminals

The 'moving cage' type terminals make cable installation a simple and quick operation.

An OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 Data Input

A full galvanic Opto-isolated differential input to fully comply with the NMEA 0183 standard specification. This allows the input to work correctly with long cable runs and in a noisy environment. The Opto-isolator can protect any NMEA device connected to an output (chart plotter, laptop PC, radar etc.) from up to 2000v of common mode voltage difference.

Ground Loop Solution

Removes all problematic ground loops between the NMEA device connected to the input (talker), and all the NMEA devices connected to the outputs (listeners).

4 NMEA 0183 / RS422 Data Outputs

Standard RS422 / RS485 outputs capable of driving up to 8 NMEA 0183 instruments, and even more under ideal conditions. The full-differential output ensures better quality communications and lower noise emissions on unshielded twisted pair cabling.

2 NMEA 0183 / RS232 Data Outputs

Standard RS232 outputs typically capable of driving 2 NMEA devices each. These outputs offer extra compatibility with older NMEA instruments and standard computer serial ports, as well as still being fully compatible with the latest NMEA 0183 standard devices.

Wide battery Input Voltage Range

To offer maximum compatibility, a battery supply of anywhere between 8 and 35 volts can be used.

Very Low Current Consumption

Ideal for small vessels with small batteries.

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