Our NMEA network panel demonstrates how each device can be used and how they can benefit your network, making sense of your onboard data. Each device and its key benefits and features are listed below.

NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi Gateway

  • Converts NMEA 2000 to/from NMEA 0183 (streamed over Wi-Fi)
  • Diagnostics LEDs for NMEA 2000 bus activity and Wi-Fi status
  • Data Logging via Internal SD Card (8GB but expandable up to 128GB)
  • Includes valuable Actisense-i diagnostic suite
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Engine Monitoring Unit

  • Share vital engine info on the NMEA 2000 bus
  • Digitises analogue engine sensors
  • Custom gauge tool available
  • Can work directly from sender if gauge needs to be removed
  • Supports up to 2 engines
Learn more about the EMU-1

NMEA 2000 PC Interface

  • Vital NMEA 2000 diagnostic tool
  • Isolated input and output
  • USB and ISO Variants available
  • Interface with PC applications such as TimeZero
Discover more about the NGT-1

NMEA 2000 Conversion Gateway

  • Converts NMEA 0183 data into NMEA 2000 data bidirectionally
  • Industry-leading conversion library
  • Advanced configuration allows Tx and Rx lists + rates to be defined
  • Up to 230400 baud rate supported
Learn more about the NGW-1

Quick Network Block

  • Six standard NMEA 2000 M12 (Micro-fit) female connectors (PMW Variant)
  • LEDs to indicate Power, Polarity, Data and Fuses
  • Connect to power for simple “Plug & Play network connections”
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Intelligent Type Approved NMEA 0183 Multipexer

  • Five OPTO-Isolated NMEA 0183 inputs
  • 2 ISO-Drive NMEA 0183 outputs
  • NMEA 0183 data streaming via Ethernet
  • Autoswitch and Data Filtering + Routing
read more about the pro-ndc-1e

Intelligent Type Approved NMEA 0183 Buffer

  • 2 Opto-Isolated inputs
  • 12 ISO-Drive NMEA 0183 outputs
  • NMEA 0183 data streaming via Ethernet
  • Autoswitch and Data Routing + Filtering
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USB to Serial Gateway

  • Fully isolated to protect PC from damage
  • Eliminates ground loops
  • Diagnostic LEDs for Tx and Rx
discover more about the usg-2

Smart Universal Micro Terminator

  • Male or Female
  • Inline
  • LEDs to indicate voltage level of network
learn more about the a2k-ter-u