Logbook Suite cover

Logbook Suite is a user-friendly software package from sailors for sailors and motorboaters – made in Germany. Logbook Suite includes a powerful digital logbook as well as a whole range of Add-ons – useful tools that simplify the management of many tasks around your vessel.

To capture navigation and environmental data from devices such as GPS, wind sensors, engine data, the makers of Logbook Suite partnered with Actisense to use the W2K-1 for wireless connectivity, meaning a seamless and easy to use system, drawing on the data already available on the onboard electronics network.

How to configure the W2K-1 

To allow for connection between the W2K-1 and the Logbook Suite, the device must be configured. As the application receives NMEA 0183 data via Wi-Fi, one of the data servers must be set up to transmit this data. As shown in the image, Data Server 1 has been configured to Output NMEA 0183 via TCP using Port #60001.


Connecting to Logbook Suite

The NMEA/GPS connection has to be setup as the same protocol that the data server is using. In this case TCP is being used for improved data validity and checking.  

The IP Settings utilise the Access Point IP Address of the W2K-1 which is always, and the port # of 60001 is used because the W2K-1 was configured for this.  

Enabling all additional data from the NMEA connection is worth doing, as this data will also be made available in the Logbook Suite provided that it is present on the NMEA 2000 network.  

Connected to Logbook Suite

Once the W2K-1 has been connected to the Logbook successfully, you can capture the data manually, or have the auto NMEA function do this for you. For further info on using the features within Logbook Suite, refer to the user manual or start guide available on their website. 

Each entry can be opened, and the data recorded will be displayed within each log. Numbered entries and sub entries can be made depending on the frequency you wish to log and view the data.  

Please note that the application will only record data being output by the W2K-1. If data is missing, check your network and W2K-1 log files to determine that the data is present on the network.  

Almute Kraus from 2K Yachting commented:

The Actisense W2K-1 is perfect for using all data from the onboard network for data recording and navigation entries in Logbook, the digital logbook included in the software package Logbook Suite. The Wi-Fi connection via TCP can be set up in just a few steps. After that, everything runs automatically.

Actisense W2K-1 NMEA 2000 Wi-Fi gateways can be purchased directly from 2K Yachting, or from your local distributor. Download Logbook Suite here.